Review: Two Weeks With the Apple Vision Pro

Today marks the two-week anniversary of the Apple Vision Pro launch, and the last day for returns for those who purchased on release day. With plenty of stories going around from those who decided not to keep the $3,500 device, MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera thought he’d share some of the reasons why he’ll be keeping his headset.

We need to have a few Vision Pro headsets on hand to write about them here at MacRumors, so that’s one of the primary reasons that Dan will be keeping his. Apple is already working on visionOS 2, and we’re interested in seeing what changes and updates are in store. We’re also getting new apps on a regular basis, all of which make the Vision Pro a more appealing device.

The Vision Pro is the best way to be immersed in a movie, especially 3D movies, and that’s another key reason why Dan won’t be bringing his back to the Apple Store. The Cinema Environment that shuts out the world is hard to beat because it’s basically your own personal movie theater.

Working on the Vision Pro needs some improvement, perhaps with support for multiple Mac displays, but it’s useful when traveling with a laptop. It would also be nice to be able to use a mouse, but Magic Keyboard and Trackpad input work well enough.

There are some downsides to the Vision Pro. It’s hard to wear for more than about an hour, the battery life is awful, and it doesn’t hold a charge at all when not in use. Touch typing with the air keyboard is a poor experience, Personas need a lot of work to be less creepy, there still aren’t a whole lot of groundbreaking app experiences, and Guest Mode is awful, so it is fully understandable why we’re hearing a lot of return stories.

Make sure to watch Dan’s full video to get his thoughts on the Vision Pro after two weeks, and let us know if you kept or returned your Vision Pro in the comments below.

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