AppleCare Support Advisors Testing New ChatGPT-Like Tool ‘Ask’

Apple is internally testing a new ChatGPT-like generative AI tool that will enable employees to offer faster technical support going forward.

Apple Support App General Feature
Apple recently launched a pilot program that provides select AppleCare support advisors with access to a new tool called “Ask” that can automatically generate responses to technical questions they receive from customers, according to information obtained by MacRumors. Advisors can then relay the info to customers in online chats or on the phone.

“Ask” will automatically respond to a query with relevant information from Apple’s internal knowledge base, and advisors can rate an answer as “helpful” or “unhelpful.” Advisors can ask up to five follow-up questions per topic. Apple said it plans to make the tool available to more advisors in the future, after collecting feedback.

Apple encourages participating advisors to use “Ask” before using traditional search methods or consulting a senior advisor for info, and it says the tool is useful for solving complex or unfamiliar issues. As the tool is linked to Apple’s internal knowledge base, the company ensures that the responses are factual, traceable, and useful.

An example of a query that “Ask” can respond to: “A customer is unable to update their device to iOS 13.7. What can be done?”

Apple is expected to adopt generative AI in a major way this year. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said iOS 18 will include many new generative AI features across Siri, Spotlight, Messages, Health, Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and more, and he was first to report that the AppleCare team would use generative AI to speed up customer support. This is the first time that details about Apple’s internal “Ask” tool have been reported.

On an earnings call earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company was working on generative AI and would share details “later this year.” iOS 18 is expected to be announced at Apple’s annual developers conference WWDC in June, and the update should be released to all users with a compatible iPhone in September.

Generative AI surged in popularity in late 2022 when OpenAI released ChatGPT, a chatbot that can respond to text and voice prompts. The chatbot is trained on large language models, allowing it to respond like a human. OpenAI has also developed tools that can automatically generate images and videos based on text prompts.

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