If you want to grab a small iPhone at a small price, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going through every retailer and network to reveal the best iPhone 12 mini deals.

Apple officially dropped prices on the iPhone 12 mini when it launched the iPhone 13 range. The entry-level price is now down from £699 to £579. Retailers will now also want to get rid of old stock to make room for the iPhone 13 mini.

That’s why retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse and Very are not only mirroring Apple’s price but in many cases beating it with appealing discounts. On the contract front we’re seeing great offers too.

Read on to find the biggest deals and discounts on the iPhone 12 mini both on contract and SIM-free. We’re separately covering iPhone 12, 12 Pro and Pro Max deals. And if you’re after the newest handsets, here’s where to get the best deals on the iPhone 13 range.

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Best iPhone 12 mini deals and discounts

Best iPhone 12 mini deals and discounts

How much does the iPhone 12 mini cost?

The smallest of the iPhone 12 generation of handsets, the 12 mini features a 5.4in screen. That’s only slightly larger than the iPhone SE’s 4.7in Retina HD display. Following the launch of the iPhone 13, the 12 mini saw a significant price drop. Here are the current prices:

  • 64GB: £579 / US$599 / AUD$999 (Was £699 / US$729 / AUD$1,199)
  • 128GB: £629 / US$649 / AUD$1,079 (Was £749 / US$779 / AUD$1,279)
  • 256GB: £729 / US$749 / AUD$1,249 (Was £849 / US$879 / AUD$1,449)

Check the latest prices across a range of retailers using our automated table, embedded below.

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Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

You may be interested to hear that the iPhone 12 mini’s starting price, while lower than when it launched, is still £160 higher than the iPhone SE (2022), which is the most affordable new iPhone. We round up the best iPhone SE deals in a separate article.

Best iPhone 12 mini SIM-free deals

Here are the best iPhone 12 mini deals of the month.

Also check the following retailers:

Best iPhone 12 mini offers on contract

You can use our tool below to browse through the best iPhone 12 mini contract offers based on your budget and ideal data allowance:

It’s also worth checking the following carriers to find the best contract deal.

Best iPhone 12 mini deals: Apple iPhone 12 mini

Best iPhone 12 mini deals: Apple iPhone 12 mini

Where to find refurbished iPhone 12 mini deals

Now that the iPhone 13 is out, you’ll also find excellent refurbished iPhone 12 mini deals in the refurbished market. Apple still doesn’t have any 12-range phones in its Refurbished Store, but there are loads of other places you can turn to.

Where to get iPhone 12 range cashback deals

The following retailers offer phones on contract from various networks and may have different deals to those you’ll find direct from the network. Many of these sites also offer cashback plans, if you want to save more in the long term.

About the iPhone 12 mini

Despite its size, the 12 mini packs power – most notably in the new A14 Bionic processor and Neural Engine, which significantly boosts performance and image processing capabilities.

In his review of the 12 mini, Macworld editor David Price said: “The 12 mini is the best of both worlds, combining the all-screen design of recent iPhones with the petite chassis of the older ones. It also happens to be brilliantly featured and specced, with superb cameras and processing power to burn.”

As for those cameras? You get dual 12MP-wide and ultra-wide sensors on the back with 2x optical zoom and a 12MP front camera. The 12 mini also supports 4K video recording at up to 60fps on both rear and selfie cameras.

The iPhone 12 mini features a Ceramic Shield front, glass back, and an aluminium frame, while the top-tier Pro and Pro Max add a textured matte glass on the back and a stainless steel band to the mix. Don’t forget to pick up a protective case for your iPhone 12 – see the best ones here.