Save £150 on 13in MacBook Pro with M1 (512GB)

Okay, this is big. Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with the M1 chip, which only launched last November, now has a top discount from KRCS that slashes £149.90 off the 512GB option and £129.90 off the 256GB option. These are the largest discounts we’ve seen on the M1 MacBook Pro laptops since its release.

KRCS isn’t new to competitive discounts. The Apple reseller was the first to knock a formidable £75 off the M1 MacBook Pro 512GB and £65 on the MacBook Pro 256GB – and that too, right at launch. Amazon eventually overtook with more competitive pricing, slashing £107 off the 256GB – a discount that’s still available – but KRCS is swinging back.

The £149.90 discount on the 512GB MacBook Pro M1 reduces the price to £1,349.10, while the near £130 discount on the 256 option drops the price to £1169.10. Students can also save an additional 10%. Delivery is free.

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find lower prices if you’re in the market for the new MacBook Pro. If you miss KRCS’s offer, Laptops Direct and AO have similar discounts on the 512GB MacBook Pro with M1 with £129 off. In comparison, Amazon only has £99 off.

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