iPhone 13 will look like iPhone 12 with smaller notch

Another day another iPhone 13 rumour – and it’s only January! Here’s the good and the bad news.

First the bad news: Do not expect any major changes regarding the look design for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13. The Japanese site MacOtakara writes that sources in the production chain say that all new iPhone models released in 2021 will have the same dimensions as previous models.

In fact, it’s possible that the thickness of the mobiles will increase slightly by 0.26 mm. While this should mean the camera protrudes less so the back can be smoother, it is possible that the camera size will actually increase by about 0.9mm, according to the report. Apparently the camera unit will also be entirely covered with sapphire glass.

And now the good news: The notch on the front of the phone may become slightly smaller though. According to the report Apple plans to move the receiver for the TrueDepth camera from the front to the side of the mobile phone to achieve a smaller notch.

This article is based on a report that appeared on Macworld Sweden.

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