Apple will launch more ‘Plus’ services – analyst

In recent years, Apple has invested heavily in new services, including Apple TV+, News+ and Fitness+.

Now the venture capital firm Loup Ventures has predicted that there will be more ‘Plus’ services from Apple in the coming years, including Podcasts+, Stocks+, Mail+, Maps+ and Health+.

“We expect continued growth in the Services segment,” Loup writes, “fuelled by increased adoption and the introduction of new services that may be hiding in plain sight on our devices.”

The idea is to offer extra content to customers who are willing to pay for it. For example, Apple could offer exclusive podcasts, financial services or advanced email management.

“The playbook is relatively simple: give customers an option to pay a monthly fee to get more from the apps they use every day,” write Loup’s analysts.

Aside from their own potential to earn money, services such as Podcasts+ could be used to tempt people into subscribing to a more wide-ranging Apple One offering.

Given that Apple makes a lot of money from its current services, the reasoning seems plausible, but it should be pointed out that there is no concrete proof that the above additions are under development. For the time being this must be filed under ‘sensible extrapolations’ rather than ‘definitely happening’.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.

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