Apple’s first quarter financials is 27 January

Apple will present its next financial report on Wednesday 27 January for the quarter that finished at the end of December.

Given that the iPhone accounts for more than half of the company’s sales, analysts are expected to focus mostly on mobile sales, but we will, as usual, report on all segments.

Unfortunately, we no longer know how many units have been sold in each segment, as Apple has chosen to focus on revenue.

After the quarterly report, Apple executives will, as usual, answer questions from analysts and investors. Then we will in all probability know more about how the company’s sales have been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Financially speaking Apple had a good 2020, despite the economic uncertainty. The Stock kept going higher and higher, hitting a $2 trillion valuation back in August just before the shares spit 4 for 1 – making them more affordable for investors.

AAPL then hit an all time high on 29 December 2020 when the share price closed at $137.30. Of course we’ve seen a decline since 4 January 2021 with a sell off driven by concerns about COVID and the economy.

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