iPhone 13 range to get even better cameras

The next generation of iPhones will all offer a LiDAR scanner – a feature that is currently only offered by the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models.

This is according to a report on DigiTimes that claims industry sources confirmed that the technology will be added to “all 2021 iPhone models”.

The news is based on an apparent agreement Apple has come to with manufacturer Sony, which will mean that the LiDAR scanners will be used in iPhones for the next three years at least.

The LiDAR scanners currently feature in the 2020 iPad Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

If you are wondering what’s LiDAR is – and whether it is worth having read our guide to LiDAR. In brief the technology enables you to use an LiDAR equipped iPhone or iPad to measure and map a 3D space (useful for AR games and interior design). It can also be a benefit for photography – especially at night time or in low light because it can use the data collected by the scanner to focus on the surroundings. 

It is likely to become an even more useful feature as more developer make use of the technology in their apps.

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