How to recover deleted text messages on iPhone

Given how bulky the Messages app can get, it’s a good idea to have the occasional text clear-out to make space on your iPhone. There’s even an option in Messages to automatically delete messages after a specified amount of time.

So what happens if you accidentally delete an important message? Well, with a little luck you can probably get it back.

In this article we walk you through five simple methods to retrieve lost or accidentally deleted texts on your iPhone. For broader troubleshooting advice you may find our tutorial explaining how to fix iMessage helpful.

What next?

If everything has worked the way it should, you’re currently looking at an impeccably well-behaved iPhone containing several recovered text messages, and wondering what to do next.

You could install some new apps, for a start: read our guides to the best free iPhone apps and best free iPhone games for advice on that count.

For a broader overview of our phone advice, take a look at our iPhone tips feature, which links out to a range of useful, in-depth tutorials. And if you’re interested in getting a new handset at a bargain price, take a look at our roundup of the best iPhone deals.

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