Should I get Apple One?

Apple has combined several of its subscription services into what it calls Apple One. With this, you can choose from three different tiers that bundle together up to six Apple services, including Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade and others.

But, is it worth signing up for this scheme or would your money be better spent on the individual services instead? We take a look at whether or not you should get Apple One – and what you can actually save if you do so.

What is Apple One?

This Apple initiative allows you to subscribe to multiple Apple subscription services at once, with the potential to save money.

What’s included in Apple One?

The Apple One plan could bring you Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, 2TB of iCloud, Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+.

There are three tiers that include different Apple services or allow more people to use them. These are Individual, Family and Premier.


Price: £14.95/US$14.95/AU$19.95p/m

This is the cheapest option, and for the money you get subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud Storage, but these are all limited to one user.


Price: £19.95/US$19.95/AU$25.95p/m

This is basically the same as the individual tier, with Music, TV+, Arcade and iCloud included, but this time you get 200GB of iCloud storage and you can share the subscriptions with up to five other people.


Price: £29.95/$29.95/AU$39.95p/m

Top of the shop is Premium, which incorporates all four services offered by the other two tiers, boosts the iCloud storage to 2TB and also includes Apple News+ and the new Apple Fitness+.

Can I get Apple One for free?

If you visit this Apple webpage on your iPhone or iPad you will have the option to Start Free Trial. This will include one month for free. You can cancel at any time. Follow the steps here to do so: How to cancel a subscription on an iPhone.

However, Apple states that the free trial is only for services you don’t already subscribe to, so signing up for the Apple One trial won’t get you a free month for a service you already pay for.

How much can I save with Apple One?

The Premiere Apple One plan would cost you £29.95 $29.95 a month, which might sound like a lot, but if you purchased these options separately it would cost a lot more:

Add all that up and you could pay £51.94/$51.94 a month, so this represents a saving of £21.99, so the Apple One deal makes it almost half the price.

Which Apple One deal is best?

If you don’t want all of those services included in the Premiere bundle you don’t need to choose that option. There are three plans, one targetted at individuals, one at families, and the premiere option for the person who wants it all!

If you are an individual then there is probably no reason to opt for the Family plan, saving you £5/$5 a month. Apple calls it a Family plan, but specifies only that you can “Share with up to five other people”, so you might be thinking these could be friends. Apple does go on to say that “You can use Family Sharing to share all included Apple services with up to five other family members,” so if seems that to share the service you would all need to be linked via Family Sharing.

If you want Fitness+ and News+ included then only the Premiere option gives you those services.

What do Apple’s services offer?

Here’s a brief outline of what you get with each of Apple subscription services.

Apple Music

Access to over 60 million tracks that can be downloaded or streamed on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac, plus dedicated radio stations for different genres. For more details, read our Apple Music vs Spotify comparison.

Apple TV+

Apple’s alternative to Netflix, which offers a modest selection of exclusive TV shows. Read more about What’s on Apple TV+.

Apple Arcade

This gaming service offers hand-picked titles that feature no ads or in-game purchases. Apple updates the selection regularly, so there’s bound to be plenty that will keep you occupied. See our chart of the best games on Apple Arcade.

Should i get Apple One : Apple Arcade

Should i get Apple One : Apple Arcade


The online storage and backup solution for Apple devices. Find out what it has to offer by reading our how to use iCloud guide.

Apple News+

Upgrade from the free Apple News app to News+ to get access to a wide selection of magazines and newspapers, all of which can be downloaded to read offline. Read all about it in our Apple News+ guide.

Apple Fitness+

The newest of Apple’s subscription services arriving on 14 December 2020. This fitness trainer app works with your Apple Watch to record health metrics while you work out. Bespoke sessions are hosted by renowned trainers, all of which can be watched on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Should I get Apple One: Fitness+

Should I get Apple One: Fitness+

Read our Apple Fitness+ guide to see what you’ll gain from this addition to the Apple platform.

What if I already subscribe to one a service?

You may have already signed up to one of the subscription services offered by Apple, so what happens if you then decide to join Apple One? Will you pay twice? No. Apple states that any existing subscriptions will be rolled into and included within the standard Apple One monthly fee.

The only exception is iCloud storage. If you have a larger allocation than the one offered on your tier, then it will require a supplemental purchase outside the Apple One subscription or dropping down to the included amount in the package that tier offers.

What if I have a free trial to a service?

If you have recently bought a qualifying new Apple product you will most likely be enjoying a free subscription to Apple TV+. You may also have taken advantage of the current five months Apple Music for free.

You can also get a three months free subscription to Fitness+ with a new Apple Watch. And three months free access to Apple Arcade if you purchase an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.

If you are already taking advantage of all four offers you are already saving money so the deal would have no appeal right now, wait until your trials end. 

How good is the deal?

We touched on this above, but here’s how the saving breaks down according to the tiers:

Apple One Individual

If you were to subscribe to each of the separate services included in Apple One Individual, it would work out like this;

  • Apple Music – £9.99/US$9.99/$11.99
  • Apple TV+ – £4.99/US$4.99/AU$7.99 (1 year free when buying an eligible Apple device)
  • Apple Arcade – £4.99/US$4.99/AU$7.99
  • iCloud 50GB – £0.79/US$0.99/AU$1.49

That means signing up to all of them would cost £20.76/US$20.96/AU$29.46 per month. So, using these calculations we can see that you’d save the following amount using Apple One;

  UK USA Australia
Individual Subscriptions £20.79 $20.96 $29.46
Apple One £14.95 $14.95 $19.95
Savings £5.81 $6.01 $9.51 

These are decent amounts, but it’s not quite that simple. If you’ve bought a new Apple device recently, then Apple TV+ should be free for a year, which practically wipes out the amount you save.

Should you not have a new device then there’s the issue that Apple TV+ isn’t actually that good when compared to its rivals. If this is to be your only TV streaming service, then we’d recommend Netflix or Amazon Prime Video as both have a much wider selection of content.

Should I get Apple One: Apple TV+

Should I get Apple One: Apple TV+

At the time of writing Netflix costs £8.99/US$8.99/AU$15.99 for the HD tier, while Amazon Prime Video will set you back £5.99/US$8.99/$6.99 per month. Admittedly, these are slightly higher than Apple TV+, but you get a lot more for your money.

iCloud storage is another questionable area, as 50GB can quickly fill up if you’re storing the kind of high-quality of video footage than modern iPhones and iPads can capture. Adding additional storage will bump up the price, so it’s worth considering how much you really need.

Aside from Apple TV+, the combination of Apple Arcade+, iCloud and Apple Music is a strong one that should provide plenty of entertainment and convenience for the money.

Apple One Family

Subscribing to each of the separate services included in Apple One Family, would work out like this:

  • Apple Music – £14.99/US$14.99/$17.99
  • Apple TV+ – £4.99/US$4.99/AU$7.99 (1 year free when buying an eligible Apple device)
  • Apple Arcade – £4.99/US$4.99/AU$7.99
  • iCloud 200GB – £2.49/US$2.99/AU$4.49

That means signing up to all of them would cost £27.46/US$27.96/AU$38.46 per month.

Compared to the unified prices of Apple One, here’s the savings you’d make each month:

  UK USA Australia
Individual Subscriptions £27.46 $27.96 $38.46
Apple One £19.95 $19.95 $25.95
Savings £7.51 $8.01 $12.51

These are not to be sniffed at, but again we have to consider the alternatives available. Apple Music is available on Android and has improved considerably over the years, so it’s on par with Spotify, Deezer and other streaming options.

Of course, all of the people hoping to use the Family tier will need Apple devices to access Apple Arcade and be content with the web version of Apple TV+.

If these conditions are acceptable, then Apple One offers a decent level of value, although we’re still hesitant to recommend the package if you will only have one streaming service for TV, as Apple TV+ remains the weak link.

Apple One Premium

As the most complete package offered by Apple, the Premium tiers comes with suitably premium services and prices.

If you choose to subscribe to each of the separate services included in Apple One Premium, it would break down in the following manner;

  • Apple Music – £14.99/US$14.99/$17.99
  • Apple TV+ – £4.99/US$4.99/AU$7.99 (1 year free when buying an eligible Apple device)
  • Apple Arcade – £4.99/US$4.99/AU$7.99
  • iCloud 2TB – £6.99/US$9.99/AU$14.99
  • Apple News+ – £9.99/US$9.99/AU$14.99
  • Apple Fitness+ – £9.99/US$9.99/AU$14.99

That means signing up to all of them would cost a whopping £51.94/US$54.94/AU$78.94 per month.

So, the savings you’ll make with Apple One are as follows:

  UK USA Australia
Individual Subscriptions £51.94 $54.94 $78.94
Apple One £29.95 $29.95 $39.95
Savings £21.99 $24.99 $38.99

As you can see, the savings here are far more substantial than on the other tiers, mainly due to the addition of the two premium services – Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+.

Should I get Apple One: News+

Should I get Apple One: News+

Naturally, you’re only reducing your costs if you intended to sign up to these services already, but even the combination of Apple Music, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Arcade would cost around the same as the total Premium package, so if you wanted those then the others become essentially free.

How can I sign up to Apple One?

You can visit the Apple One section of the Apple site to see all of the details regarding the subscription. There’s a free one month trial so you can give the service a test run before committing to spend any money.

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