iPhone 11 recalled for touchscreen issues: how to get a replacement

Apple has revealed that a small number of iPhone 11 handsets manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 were affected by a problem caused by a fault in the display module, which must be replaced for the screen to work properly again. As a result the company has started an exchange program for affected iPhone 11 models.

What is the problem with iPhone 11?

If your iPhone 11 is affected by the problems you will find that the screen still shows content, but the touchscreen no longer reacts to touch.

Are all iPhone 11 models affected?

Not every iPhone 11 has this error – Apple refers to a “small percentage”.

Which iPhone 11 models are affected?

iPhone 11 devices that were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 are affected.

How can I find out if my iPhone 11 is included?

Here’s what you need to do to check if your iPhone 11 is included in the repair program:

  1. Visit Apple’s website.
  2. On the support page enter the serial number of your iPhone 11 to check whether your model is qualified for the exchange program. (We have an article explaining how to find the serial number).
  3. If your iPhone 11 is included in the program and has a display error that corresponds with Apple’s description, or is from the production series in which the problem may occur, you will be able to exchange the device free of charge at Apple or at an authorised service partner.

How to get a new iPhone 11

Does your iPhone qualify to be exchanged? Here’s what to do:

You can either make an appointment at an Apple Store, contact use Apple’s mail-in service to send your iPhone to Apple’s repair centre, or contact an authorised service partner.

You must make a backup of your iPhone before sending it off for the replacement service in order to save the data on the phone. That way you can be sure that no photos, apps, settings or other data are lost.

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I’ve already paid to have my iPhone 11 repaired!

If your iPhone 11 was affected by this display issue and you have already paid money to repair it, you can contact Apple for a refund.

Where can I get my iPhone 11 replaced?

You can make an appointment at an Apple Store, contact Apple Support to use the mail-in service via the repair centre, or contact an authorised service partner.

Note that Apple advises that the repair may only be available in the country in which the iPhone 11 was purchased.

If you are in the EU then the service is available in all EEA member states for devices purchased in the European Economic Area.

How long will the exchange program run for?

The program will be valid for the affected devices for a maximum of two years after they were purchased.

Note that the standard warranty coverage of the iPhone 11 is not extended to this worldwide program.

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