iOS 14.2 causing iPhone battery drain

According to user reports iOS 14.2 is resulting in fast draining batteries. Apparently iPhones are draining quickly even in idle mode. In addition the device charges more slowly and warms up during this time.

Since a user shared their experiences on Apple’s developer forum three weeks ago there have been more than 30 responses from people sharing the experience.

There were also reports on Twitter at the end of September indicating that there were battery drain issues in iOS 14.

There are also more than 300 comments on Reddit, where the original post was linked. Under the title: “Battery problems under iOS 14.2” are user reports suggesting that mainly older devices are affected – iPhone 7 to iPhone SE.

Our editorial iPhone X, which we only use in exceptional cases, was charged to 100 percent. The battery level after 24 hours in standby mode was 39 percent.

However, some users report even more extreme experiences: after half an hour in sleep mode, the battery dropped to 50 percent, while minor use, such as checking emails, the iPhone would consume five percent of the battery after a few minutes.

iPads running iPadOS 14.2 are apparently also affected, especially older devices such as the 2018 iPad Pro.

Numerous posts in the Apple Discussions forum also show that the problem is widespread.The description is always the same: After the update to iOS 14.2 users have to charge their smartphones significantly more often than before

So far there is no solution to the problem other than restarting the device and hoping that it will help.

MacRumors speculates that the error will likely have a purely software cause, noting that some users report an irregular display of the battery level: The battery seems to stay at the high level for a longer period of time before it drops rapidly.

It is hoped that iOS 14.3, or its successor, will fix the battery problem. Read about iOS 14: problems and latest version.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.

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