Apple’s MagSafe Duo is on sale now

MagSafe Duo lets you charge two Apple gadgets at the same time, but it’s not cheap.

Earlier this autumn, Apple showed off the MagSafe Duo, an accessory that can be used to charge two gadgets at once (for example, iPhone and Apple Watch).

It is now possible to order the MagSafe Duo from the Apple Store. The price tag is £129, which is already pricy, but since the power adapter is not included in the purchase if you need one then that will be another £19/$19 at least.

Apple includes a USB-C to Lightning Cable (1m) in the box, but there is no power adaptor in the box. Apple recommends that you use a 20W USB-C Power Adapter (sold separately for £19 in the UK, or $19 in the US) for wireless charging up to 11W.

If you want charging at up to 14W you’ll need a 27W or higher USB-C Power Adapter. Apple sells a 30W adaptor for £49 in the UK, $49 in the US. Alternatively you could try the Anker 36W 2-port USB-C Power Adapter for £29.99 on Amazon in the UK.

Either way, the cost of the power adapter will drive up the price. So the total cost could be as high as £178/$178.

The regular MagSafe, which costs £39 in the UK, or $39 in the US, can charge wirelessly at 15W, rather than the 14W limit of MagSafe Duo.

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