iFixit takes apart the iPhone 12 mini

iFixit has now disassembled Apple’s new mini mobile iPhone 12 mini – revealing a smaller battery of 8.57Wh compared to the iPhone 12’s 10.78WH, a 25 percent smaller variant of the vibration motor Taptic Engine, and a smaller speaker.

In its usual review of how repair-friendly Apple’s mobile is, iFixit praises the fact that both the screen and the battery are easy to access, and that the majority of the components are modular enough to be replaced.

iFixit is more neutral about the fact that the mobile uses special screws, which complicates repairs, but is also better than glue. They also note that its water resistance makes repairs difficult, but at the same time limits serious damage.

The site’s most direct criticism is directed at the glass on the back of the mobile, which is fragile and could mean that the entire mobile’s body needs to be replaced if it is only dropped into the ground once.

In total, iFixit gives the iPhone 12 mini 6 out of 10 in repair ratings. You can read their full review here.

iFitit also took a look inside the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by Karen Haslam.

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