New Macs still limited to 720p webcams

As Apple presented the three new Mac models equipped with its proprietary M1 processor at the One More Thing event last night, we were told that the image quality in the devices’ webcams has improved – but what was not mentioned was that the resolution remains 720p.

The image improvements that Apple focused on for the new MacBook Air and new MacBook Pro are primarily about better software, something that provides better noise reduction, greater dynamic range, improved white balance and smarter face recognition.

Why Apple insists on sticking to the 720p resolution has not been announced, but hopefully we will see support for 1080p in next year’s Mac models.

If you want to see your colleagues and friends in high resolution right now, we suggest that you use a separate webcam – or press an iPhone into webcam service, which should produce far better results than the Mac’s own camera.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.

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