What to expect at Apple’s 10 November event

Apple has announced that it’s hosting a special event on Tuesday 10 November – an unprecedented third event of the autumn, following the iPhone 12 event in October and the iPad and Apple Watch event in September.

We’re expecting Apple to unveil the first Mac with an ARM-based processor, and to announce the release date for macOS Big Sur. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because there are loads more products waiting to appear. Read on to find out what to expect at Apple’s 10 November event.

For even more clues into what’s likely to launch, take a look at the AR animation Easter egg hidden in the invite.

When is the Apple Event?

  • Apple’s next event will take place on Tuesday 10 November 2020, at 10am California time/6pm UK time

The presentation will start at 10am Pacific Time (local time, since it takes place in California) on Tuesday 10 November. Here’s what that translates to in the countries where most of our readers live:

  • UK: 10 November at 6pm (GMT)
  • Europe: 10 November at 7pm (CEST)
  • US: 10 November at 10am (PST), 11am (MST), noon (CST), 1pm (EST)
  • Canada: 10 November at 10am (PST), 11am (MST), noon (CST), 1pm (EST), 2pm (AST)
  • India: 10 November at 11.30pm (IST)
  • Australia: 10 November at 11pm (AWST), 11 November 1.30am (ACDT), 2am (AEDT)

The presentation is likely to last around 1 to 2 hours. The first bit – probably between 5 and 15 minutes – will be preliminary chat, sales figures, promotional videos and so on. Then they’ll get into the serious product announcements.

We’ll be detailing and analysing all the announcements here on Macworld as they come in. Please join us! But if you’d like to watch the presentation live, here’s how to watch Apple’s November event.

What will Apple launch at the November event?

We expect this event to focus heavily on the Mac. In fact one of my colleagues has argued that it will trigger the biggest Mac transformation in 15 years.

First Apple Silicon Macs

It’s virtually certain that we will see the first Macs to feature Apple’s new proprietary ARM-based processors. Apple announced back in June at its WWDC event that it would shortly begin the transition from Intel to its own Apple Silicon processors.

There are lots of theories about which Mac will be the first to get a Silicon processor. Mind you, we could get a bunch of them at once: Bloomberg has reported that a total of three new Apple Silicon Macs will be unveiled at the November event: a MacBook Air, a 13in MacBook Pro and a 16in MacBook Pro. But not everyone is convinced.

It seems most likely that a consumer-focused Mac laptop will be among the first models to get the new chips – perhaps a Silicon-powered MacBook. The prolific and generally accurate Twitter leaker L0vetodream has predicted (or rather implied, as is their habit) that we’ll get two new 13in Apple laptops – which doesn’t quite square with Bloomberg’s predictions.

There is also a possibility that we might see a Mac mini with a Silicon processor. The very first Apple Silicon Mac, of course, was a mini – although that was made available to developers only.

What to expect at Apple's 10 November event: Big Sur on a Mac

What to expect at Apple's 10 November event: Big Sur on a Mac

If you’d like to know more about the move to Apple Silicon, read these explainers:

macOS Big Sur

We’ve been waiting for Big Sur to be released since Apple first discussed the new version of macOS in the summer. The other OS updates announced at WWDC rolled out to the public long ago. What’s going on?

Well, Apple recently released beta version 11 of Big Sur, which suggests that the launch is finally imminent. What better place to announce the launch date than at an event where the company will be showcasing the Macs that will be able to take full advantage of it?


Macs will be the main event, but Apple may find time for some non-Mac news as well. The rumours about Apple’s AirTag tracking device, for example, are heating up.

The company would have released the AirTag earlier in the year but for various reasons this was delayed. Now it appears Apple is readying it for launch.

Read more about Apple’s AirTag plans.

Apple TV & games controller

We’re a little surprised that Apple hasn’t updated the Apple TV in such a long time – the most recent model launched in 2017. Well, not only is Apple apparently ready to launch a new Apple TV, the new model could rival games consoles and come with an Apple games controller.

In a separate article we discuss what we anticipate from the 2020 Apple TV.

What to expect at Apple's 10 November event: Apple Games Controller

What to expect at Apple's 10 November event: Apple Games Controller


News that Apple was clearing out its stores of third-party audio equipment (speakers and headphones) in October seemed to be a big hint that there were some new Apple audio products coming from the company. Sure enough, it promptly announced the new HomePod mini – but what of the new AirPods that were also rumoured to launch?

A new pair of AirPods could make an appearance this time around. There are at least two new types of AirPods coming: a cheaper version of the AirPods Pro (known as AirPods Lite) and the over-ear AirPods Studio.

Launching new AirPods before Christmas would probably be a smart move from Apple.

Well, that’s everything we expect on 10 November. But for a wider view of the near future, we have a separate article about every new product Apple is working on.

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