Apple Watch Series 7 release date, price & specs rumours

The Apple Watch Series 6 has only recently been unwrapped, scoring 4 stars in our review by David Price, and was accompanied by the surprise arrival of the Apple Watch SE, which is also an excellent example of Apple’s wearable technology.

But you can be sure that the designers in Cupertino are already hard at work on the replacements that will appear in 2021. Here’s our roundup of the current news and rumours about the Apple Watch Series 7.

When will the Apple Watch Series 7 be released?

September is marked with a big Watch sign on the calendar at Apple HQ, with the last four models all appearing in that month. A quick look at the list below shows when they all arrived:

  • Apple Watch Series 3: 22 September 2017
  • Apple Watch Series 4: 21 September 2018
  • Apple Watch Series 5: 20 September 2019
  • Apple Watch Series 6: 18 September 2020

With this in mind, you should expect the Series 7 to arrive in mid-September 2021.

How much will the Apple Watch Series 7 cost?

Pricing on the Apple Watch series is reasonably steady, with the previous models featuring the following price tags:

  • Apple Watch Series 4: £399/$399
  • Apple Watch Series 5: £399/$399
  • Apple Watch Series 6: £379/$399

We can’t see any obvious reason why this would change drastically, so the Apple Watch Series 7 will most likely come in at £399/$399.

What new features will the Apple Watch Series 7 get?

With the Series 7 still a long way off in the distance, there’s little in the way of solid news about which features Apple will introduce with the new model. That being said, the rumour mill has already thrown up some clues about what we might see next September.

Apple Watch Series 7 release date, price and specs: New Design

Apple Watch Series 7 release date, price and specs: New Design

New design

The Series 6 didn’t bring the anticipated redesign of the Apple Watch that many had hoped for, but 9to5 Mac has reported that industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated a “significant form factor design change would come with new Apple Watch models in 2H21 at the earliest”. What this will look like remains a mystery, but with Kuo’s record of getting predictions correct, we could find out soon.

Apple brings Touch ID to Apple Watch Series 7

Several rumours have surfaced suggesting that Apple will include Touch ID in the Series 7. This could be either under the display itself, like with the rumours about the iPhone 13, or in the Digital Crown, much like the power button in the iPad Air (2020).

Apple Watch Series 7 release date, price and specs: Touch ID

Apple Watch Series 7 release date, price and specs: Touch ID

Display upgrades for Apple Watch Series 7

There’s been talk for a while now about Apple replacing the OLED displays on the Apple Watch with either Mini-LED or Micro-LED panels. The advantage of the newer displays is that they can be thinner and offer better energy-efficiency, which leads to improved battery life.

MacRumors has reported that 2021 could be the year where Apple finally works with Taiwanese display manufacturers to deliver the new panels on the Watch. So, if this is true, it would fit with the redesign rumours and certainly be a big step forward for the Series 7.

Obviously, much of this could change as we get nearer to the release date of the Apple Watch Series 7, so be sure to keep checking back: we’ll update the article whenever news breaks. In the meantime, take a look at our guide to the best Apple Watch and the best Apple Watch deals.

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