LG supplying Mini-LED displays for spring launch of iPad Pro

According to a new report from South Korean ETNews, a new 12.9in iPad Pro model will be the first Apple product to be equipped with a backlight mini-LED, and it will launch in the first quarter of 2021.

The 3 November report claimed: “LG Display plans to supply its Mini LED backlight LCDs to Apple. These LCDs are expected to be used for Apple’s new iPad Pro that will be released early next year.”

Support for mini-LED is also expected to appear in one of Apple’s laptops (probably the MacBook Pro). The report also suggests that the iMac will adopt the technology.

However, it’s unlikely that any of the new Macs expected to be introduced at Apple’s 10 November event will use the new mini-LED technology.

The advantage of mini-LED is that the technology provides better colour reproduction, deeper blacks, higher contrast and greater dynamic range. In addition, the components take up less space, which can allow for thinner and lighter products.

An earlier report from DigiTimes also made a similar claim that the Mini-LED 12.9in iPad Pro ‘coming early 2021’. 

In a deal with Sanan Optoelectronics Apple has been able to slash the costs of the mini-LED components.

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