iPhone 12 Pro ‘seeing greater demand than iPhone 12’

Several weeks on from its launch, the iPhone 12 Pro has turned out, perhaps surprisingly, to be more sought after than the somewhat cheaper iPhone 12, as the analyst Samik Chatterjee from JP Morgan (via AppleInsider) claims to have discovered.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean more units of the 12 Pro have been sold; rather, it means demand for the 12 Pro appears to have outstripped expectation to a greater degree, based on the ballooning home-delivery estimates on Apple’s site.

These estimates were volatile in the immediate aftermath of the launch, but they are now settling down – or normalising. At the week-three point in the launch the worldwide wait for the iPhone 12 Pro had normalised to 23 days, whereas the 12 was just 10 days.

Looking at the US specifically, the delivery times for the iPhone 12 at the same point had fallen to eight days (down from 11 days in week two) while the wait for the iPhone 12 Pro had increased to 26 days (up from 24). Similar trends can also be seen in China.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by David Price.

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