Apple has been ordered by a jury in Texas to pay $502.8m (about £390m) for infringing on the software company’s VirnetX patent.

The patent infringement, reported by Bloomberg, applies to unpaid royalties for VPN on Demand, a service that allows users to connect to a VPN via iPhone or iPad.

VirnetX originally wanted as much as $700m, while Apple argued for $113m, a calculation based on 19 cents in compensation per unit. The jury chose a middle path; the final decision ended up at 84 cents per unit.

Earlier this year, Apple was ordered to pay $440m to VirnetX regarding a dispute over communication security technology. The two firms have been locked in legal dispute for a decade.

Apple attracts patent-related legal action more than perhaps any other company. Back in August a Chinese firm tried to ban every Apple product from sale (except for the Apple Pencil) on the basis of alleged patent infringements.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.