Developers should apply by Sunday to receive virtual training on Big Sur and Universal Apps.

On 4 and 5 November, Apple is inviting selected developers to a virtual seminar on universal apps that are to be prepared for Macs with Apple Silicon.

Apple will accept applications until Sunday 1 November at 5pm West Coast time, which gives you until midnight that night in the UK to apply, 1am Monday in Central Europe, 11am Monday in Sydney Australia, and 8pm on Sunday in New York.

Developers who successfully apply will be able speak to an Apple engineer in a 30-minute individual session.

Since announcing Big Sur and the planned transition from Intel processors to Apple’s own Silicon, Apple has distributed a Developer Transition Kit to interested developers, consisting of a Mac mini with A12Z processor and various software tools so that they can test their apps on one of the upcoming silicon Macs. Developers are also not allowed to talk publicly about this, but these Silicon Macs’ performance is impressive.

It is speculated that the first ARM Mac will be a MacBook, the complete switch from Intel should be completed in two years.

Apple could reveal more details on 17 November, the date that is pegged for the unveiling of the first Apple Silicon Mac. In just under an hour, the manufacturer could show off its new A14-based computer and tell you more about Big Sur.

This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.