Apple Watch 3 may boast a brand new screen technology

A new rumor suggests the next Apple Watch may be about to drop the OLED screen tech used in the Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2 and instead embrace micro-LED technology for its new smartwatch.

If Apple dropped OLED tech it would allow them to use the more energy efficient and thinner micro-LED tech.

Apple would also be able to reduce the size of the wearable and it may boast an improved color gamut, increase in resolution and allow for better brightness levels.

A long way off

In 2015 reports suggested that Apple was developing its own micro-LED tech, which would allow Apple to stop using Samsung for supplying its tech.

The new report quotes from an anonymous executive with close knowledge of display technology who said, “Apple is working very hard to foster the micro-LED technology … the company could push the use of new display tech as early as next year.

“At this point, Apple is the only company who is able to roll out micro-LED, a technology that is still at an early stage of development, and cover the high costs incurred by the low yield rate.”

The quotes come from Nikkei Asian Review, which is a source that has reported Apple leaks that haven’t happened in the past so it may not be an accurate reflection of the next Apple Watch.

What’s clear is Apple wants to embrace micro-LED tech but it’s unlikely the company will include it on any phones soon, so we won’t see it on the iPhone 7S or even the iPhone 8.

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