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4K Apple TV release date, news and rumours – all the latest info on the eagerly anticipated fifth-generation Apple TV and you should wait before you buy a new Apple set-top box.

Apple has long been mooted to significantly overhaul its Apple TV offering, but historically much of the speculation has been around the company launching its own physical TV set.

Those rumours are now generally regarded as tripe, but that isn’t to say that a major Apple TV revision is off the cards.

Indeed, it could happen as soon as this year, if the latest gossip is to be believed.

Much of the renewed speculation revolves around Apple’s recent poaching of Timothy D Twerdhal, formerly the head of Amazon’s Fire TV division.

Twerdhal is now in charge Apple’s TV unit, which hints at an acknowledgement on the Cupertino-based firm’s part that there’s still serious work to be done on the home entertainment front.

According to a recent report in Bloomberg, it also suggests that the company is readying upgraded Apple TV hardware.

“Twerdhal’s arrival comes as the company tests a new, fifth-generation Apple TV that it may release as soon as this year. Internally codenamed J105, the new box will be capable of streaming ultra-high-definition 4K and more vivid colors, according to people familiar with the plans,” the outlet claims.

By itself, this could be easily dismissed as idle chit-chat, but Apple’s recent forays into original streaming content suggest a renewed interest in finding a home in your living room as well as your pocket.

We are, of course, talking about the cringe James Corden-led Carpool Karaoke, and soon-to-launch Planet of the Apps reality show.

There would seem to be little reason for Apple to invest in such initiatives if its hardware capabilities continued to lag well behind rivals like Roku and Amazon, who both offer 4K-ready streaming devices.

I’m therefore cautiously optimistic that 2017 will indeed see the company reveal a new Apple TV product, complete with said 4K support – what’s the point otherwise?

Whatever the case, it’s something well worth keeping an eye on, especially as Apple seems to have big plans for the year ahead.

Could a radically redesigned iPhone 8 end up being a mere footnote for the firm in 2017?

That seems nigh on impossible – but I’m every bit as confident that it’s not all that is coming.

Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/4k-apple-tv-release-date-news-rumours-specs-price#eFAYI4PwMuTF6PjA.99

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