New iPhone SE 2 latest rumours – UK release date, price, features, specs

Welcome to our roundup of the latest iPhone SE 2 release date rumours, in which we collect and analyse the clues, hints and evidence pointing to the date when Apple will launch a follow-up to 2016’s iPhone SE, as well as the iPhone SE 2’s tech specs, design, new features and UK pricing. This page will be updated whenever new information emerges relating to the launch of an updated iPhone SE in 2017, so check back regularly for the latest iPhone SE 2 rumours. You may also like: Best iPhone SE deals | iPhone buying guide

When is the iPhone SE 2 coming out?

Originally, we expected the iPhone SE 2 to launch in March 2017, given that the original iPhone SE was announced in March 2016 and Apple usually updates its phone lines once a year. However, following the online Apple Store’s “maintenance” where it introduced a new red iPhone 7 and a brand new iPad, the iPhone SE was only treated to a bump in storage to 32- and 128GB.

So, now that the iPhone SE 2 hasn’t made an appearance in March 2017, when should we expect it to arrive?

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has forecast that the iPhone SE 2 won’t make an appearance in 2017 at all, on the principle that Apple doesn’t want to cannibalise sales of the (higher-margin) iPhone 7. The SE 2, after all, would be a newer alternative at a lower price.

Ming-Chi Kuo has a tremendous track record of Apple predictions, but we’re not entirely convinced: six months as undisputed flagship ought to give the iPhone 7 more than enough time to rack up some decent sales, and anyone who opts instead for the iPhone SE 2 after that was more likely in any case to buy a first-gen SE or a smaller Android device than an iPhone 7. (And Apple was quite happy to risk cannibalising iPhone 6s sales by launching the original iPhone SE six months later – that strategy appeared to work out okay.)

Still, four-inch smartphones appear to be a lower priority for Apple than its larger-screen handsets: there was a 30-month hiatus between the iPhone 5s launch (September 2013) and the SE (March 2016). Maybe Kuo is right. The iPhone SE could even turn out to be a one-off, like the iPhone 5c.

Plus, WWDC 2017 in June went by without the launch of a new iPhone SE, making us more uncertain about the phone’s future. Instead, Apple used the event to show of iOS 11, MacOS High Sierra, a new iMac Pro, a new HomePod, and updates to its iPad Pro, MacBook and iMac ranges.

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